This little piggy went for a ride!

We attended the book release party last Thursday evening for “Primal Cuts” , quite interesting….Portland foodies are an odd lot…tatts & piercings, diamonds & designers, Carhartts and work boots.  Thanks to Berlin Reed for putting together a memorable event.

My favorite part of the evening was our conversation with two of the local farmers who supplied some of the delicious pork served at the event.  Jim Parker, Heritage Farms Northwest and Wolfgang Ortloff from Worden Hill Farm.  Loved hearing about how they got started in pig farming and what the lifestyle is like, but the best part was a little trade secret sharing.  Apparently one of the more difficult things to address with pigs, especially when you’re talking full grown boars weighing more than 3 NFL linebackers put together, is getting them up and into a trailer.  Pigs needs to be moved occasionally, to a new pasture, the fair, to see a new girlfriend etc. and of course there is that inevitable “final” ride as well.  So getting pigs into a trailer is kind of a big deal.

So pig farmer Wolfgang is chatting with pig farmer Jim and Wolfgang asks,  “so how do you get your pigs into the trailer?”  Jim glances quickly around the room checking to see if anyone is listening and then  says, “well don’t tell anybody but I take ’em for joy rides”.  Excuse me?  Wolfgang said the same thing.

So Jim explains that he regularly hitches up the trailer, opens it up, throws in some piggy snacks and invites the gang to come on up and go for a ride with him.  At first when he started doing this not many of his piggy clan were interested but when his first riders came back after seeing the sights in town and enjoying their snacks along the way they really talked it up to their family and friends.  Jim says that now as soon as he opens up the trailer there’s a bit of a piggy stampede and calls of “shotgun!” from the hefty crowd as they rush to get their places for their ride!  Problem solved.






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2 responses to “This little piggy went for a ride!

  1. Yep, that is exactly how Jim fixed the “loading” problem. The only trouble is that when we actually have to take one “to that big freezer in the sky”, he opens the trailer door, they ALL jump in and then we have to figure out how to get the ones that we don’t want out of the rig. THAT is a whole different problem. We are not above taking several “extras” with us and using the various chutes and sorters at the processors to bring home the ones that we want to bring home, while leaving the market hogs behind. Some times you have make do and think on your feet about these little problems.

    Wendy Parker – The other Parker Pig Farmer 🙂

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