Hazelnut finished pork…you know you want some!

Pigs fattened on nuts are said to produce some of the sweetest and most delicious pork  you’ll ever eat and I know where you can get some!  Heritage Farms Northwest, just outside of  Dallas, Oregon, run by Jim and Wendy Parker have offered us some of their Red Wattle hazelnut finished pork.  Their heritage breed hogs are pasture raised and have never been given hormones or antibiotics.  They live  like pigs are meant to live; rooting around, roaming free, digging and wallowing, and some of the lucky few get to live in the hazelnut orchard for the last few weeks of their lives gorging themselves on those sweet nuts.

Hazelnuts are traditionally used in a variety of desserts, from praline to Nutella, and pigs love them as much as people do. The nuts give a sweet flavor to the meat and have health benefits that other pork doesn’t have.   Pigs fattened with nuts have an unusually high ratio of unsaturated fat to saturated fat, are high in heart healthy oleic acid known to lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels. Nut-fed pork also has higher levels of many important vitamins and minerals.

Jim and Wendy’s supply of this pork will not last long.  I’m going to be putting an order together in the next few days so let me know if you’re interested in getting some of this sweet pork goodness.


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