A rare bird indeed…TurDuckEn!

Raise your hand if you had a Turducken for one of your holiday meals this year.  No?  Well there were quite a few people who decided this was the year to give that rare bird a try.  I was kept busy for a couple of weeks working meat magic turning 3 birds into one.  I de-boned, stuffed and stitched up a lot of birds!

Turducken is a de-boned chicken wrapped in a de-boned duck and both of those are then wrapped with a de-boned turkey. Most often there is some kind of stuffing layer between each bird.  It’s all roasted just like a regular turkey, but for a really long time.

According to Wikipedia the roasting of de-boned and nested birds is centuries old dating back to Roman times however the “Turducken” is a recent American adaptation.  The story goes that back in 1985 a farmer brought in his own birds and asked “Hebert’s Specialty Meats” in Maurice, Louisiana to prepare them using the old method.  And that was the birth of TUR(key) DUCK (chick)EN.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Eric Meltzer, who drove all the way down from Seattle, WA. to learn how I do a Turducken.  Working together it took us a couple of hours to de-bone all of the birds, season each of them, and layer them together and then stitch up the turkey.  I’m hoping Eric’s dinner party guests were impressed with his handiwork!


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