Passion into Profit

You’re a chef with a passion for seasonal local fare, you know your farmers, and your customers trust you to choose sustainably raised and pastured animals.  You are  proud of your whole animal culinary skills and your clean food ethic, however

… turning whole animal passion into profit can be challenging…

Whole animal product is a costly ingredient.  All it takes is the slip of a knife or someone’s careless cutting for your profits to end up in the scrap bin worth nothing more than the price of a burger!

I am a master butcher and culinary educator who can teach you and your staff how to get the most value from your whole animals.  I practice the old world art of whole carcass butchery.  I have a passion for this work, and I’m not bragging when I say my skills are unequaled.  My mission is to share and teach the art and craft of butchery.

…no wasted effort, no wasted product…

Time is money and it’s a precious commodity that can’t be wasted in your kitchen.  I can teach you and your staff the best and most efficient cutting techniques and will share my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your whole animal.

The “Black Belt Butcher” teaches:

  • Whole animal breakdown
  • Maximizing primal cut varieties
  • Meat cutting skill development
  • Sausage making tips & techniques
  • Mastering the Knife
  • Meat menu consultations
  • Butchery Demonstrations

Get a free “Mastering the Knife” lesson when a 1 hour class is scheduled.

Only $75 per hour – up to 3 individuals

Each additional person is $45 per hour

Call or email me today to schedule your lesson.


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