Spring Chinook Salmon; just one reason why I love the pacific northwest.

Spring has sprung and the salmon are running!  The spring salmon run brings thousands of salmon up out of the pacific ocean and into the rivers that are practically in my backyard.  My son-in-law, Matt, is an avid fisherman and I am an avid enjoy-er of all he catches.  We have a nice arrangement; he brings them in, I cut them up and the whole family shares the most delicious fish the pacific northwest has to offer.

About a week ago I told Matt, “the next time you get a good sized fish give it to me”.  He gave me an “excuse me?” look and an “Uh, what?”  The rest of the family laughed and I realized that didn’t come out exactly as I had planned.  That’s when I explained that I wanted my next video cutting lesson to be how to cut, fillet and skin a whole fish.  We agreed that I could use his next catch for my video and he’d get back perfectly cut, portioned and vacuum sealed salmon fillets.

Ask and ye shall receive!  Only a few days later the fishing gods delivered Matt a gorgeous catch and now you get to see me work my magic on this 15 pound spring Chinook salmon.  The video below shows you how to cut, fillet and skin a whole fish like a pro.  I hope you find the techniques helpful.

I’m also sharing one of my most favorite ways of preparing salmon, and it’s only fitting that it’s a recipe I learned from Matt.

Grilled Salmon with Wasabi Lime Butter

1 pound salmon

1/4 cup softened butter

1 tblsp wasabi paste  (less or more to taste)

1 lime



Mix softened butter with wasabi paste and set aside.  Salt and pepper salmon to taste.  Grill (or pan sear) salmon until it’s just barely firm to the touch.  Spread butter & wasabi mixture evenly onto the fish.  Remove fish from the heat.  Squeeze lime juice over the top and serve.

VIDEO: Cutting, Filleting and Skinning Whole Fish



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2 responses to “Spring Chinook Salmon; just one reason why I love the pacific northwest.

  1. Gin

    Great tutorial on filleting a whole fish! Robert makes it all look so easy! Keep the fish coming, Matt.

  2. Corey Miller

    Fantastic demonstration!!! I am definitely going to try this, but I’m sure the salmon I get from the store won’t be nearly as good as yours. Great job, Robert! (of course, now Jana wants me to cook the whole dish you listed. I’m not much of a Wasabi guy, be she loves it.)

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