Pig Butchery Lesson

Red Wattle side of pork

I had the opportunity a couple of weekends ago to teach Anna and her friend Randy how to breakdown and cut a whole hog.  It was a pastured Red Wattle, a heritage breed, from Wendy and Jim Parker’s Heritage Farms Northwest outside of Dallas, Oregon.  The meat was a beautiful rosy color and the plentiful fat (in “butcher speak” known as bark) was super firm and white.  They’re going to get a lot of melt in your mouth porky goodness from that animal.

Knife sharpening with steel

I started the lesson off with a little knife sharpening and then brought out the old school hack saw to break it all down.  Anna and Randy like to do low and slow barbequing and smoking of their meats so we went for the whole cuts; picnic, shoulder, loin, ribs etc.  This will give them the flexibility of throwing the whole hunk on the grill or cutting it down into portion sizes later.

I always enjoy sharing what I know and it was a pleasure to spend time with Anna and Randy.

Cutting side of pig


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