Meet your butcher, Meet your meat

Calling all pork lovers!  I’m very happy to tell you that the collaboration between me and April Joy Farm has been hammered out and I’ll be taking on the cutting duties when they harvest their pigs in the fall.  What I am most excited about is an additional opportunity for you pork buyers to be there when your meat is being cut, wrapped and sausage made!

You will be able to ask questions, tell me exactly how you want your meat processed and if you’re so inclined I’ll hand the knife to you and give you a quick cutting lesson as well!

The farmers, Brad and April Thatcher, raise a small number of Tamworth heritage pigs for sale each year.  This year it’s about 20 and they tell me the orders from their participating families are coming in fast so if you’d like to add some of their pasture raised heritage pork to your freezer get your order in soon.  You can buy whole, 1/2 and 1/4 pig shares.

They have kindly offered to give Black Belt Butcher followers the same pricing they are currently offering their program participants.  This offer is good until April 15.

If you’re interested please email April at  She’ll send you all of the program details, pricing, payment schedule, etc.  Make sure you let her know that the BBB sent you!

April Joy Mama pig & piglets

April Joy Mama pig & piglets

April Joy Farm piglets

April Joy Farm piglets












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